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Try the book or the course. You’ll get rid of your timeshare.

If you still owe a balance on your timeshare, this offer is for you.

You’re on this site because you’re looking for a way out of your timeshare. You’ve visited loads of sites. Many of those sites are full of promises and 100% money back guarantees–promises of expert insider help to get your timeshare canceled. You’ve discovered that their fees are high–sometimes several thousands of dollars–and are required up front. 

Consumer Champions, LLC. is pleased to offer the new book by Jim Faucett, “Write A Letter: Cancel Your Timeshare And Get A Refund.” The book provides a step-by-step plan for unhappy timeshare owners (who still owe a balance) to follow to write the kind of complaint letter that results in timeshare cancellation and a refund of money spent. The process is outlined and actual example letters given that resulted in both cancellations and refunds for the owners. Jim is a former timeshare salesman who knows the tricks the companies get up to. For two years Jim was a consumer advocate assisting scores of timeshare owners to write complaint letters. As can be imagined, timeshare companies hate what he does. Owners have received hundreds of thousands of dollars in refunds and canceled debts of hundreds of thousands more because they followed the steps in this book!  Click on the link above or on the book to get your copy from amazon today!

 The website is now offering an economical video course that provides unhappy timeshare owners detailed instruction enabling them to successfully conduct their own dispute against their timeshare agreement. If you’re a timeshare owner who still has a balance against your timeshare and you were deceived or scammed by timeshare salespeople during an original or an ‘update’ timeshare sales presentation this course will help you cancel your timeshare and get a refund.

Why is this course better than what the “advocates” and “cancellation companies” offer? It’s better because timeshare owners are in control of the process of the dispute from the outset! It’s better because the course puts timeshare buyers in contact with other timeshare owners who are also conducting disputes. This allows timeshare buyers who’ve been subject to deceptive sales methods and timeshare scams to work together with others who are pressing toward the same goal! The old saying that two heads are better than one is true! There is nothing worse than the feeling that you’re on your own against an unmovable and obstinate timeshare company! Companies listen when timeshare owners get together to lodge complaints–and this course provides the network! This course provides a step-by-step proven method to timeshare owners who want to dispute their timeshare agreement. Scores of timeshare owners have used this method to cancel their timeshare contract and get a full refund of all the money they’ve spent on their timeshare.

Click on the picture above to find out more about the “How To Cancel Your Timeshare” course! Why pay thousands when you can do it yourself and keep your money in your pocket?


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